Artist Bio

Destiny Womack was born as Destiny Charles in Tacoma, Washington on Nov. 18th 1980, to Morris & Betty Charles.  She was raised in the south central part of Alaska where she lived for 24 years and she says "My heart will always live there". She is the wife to her loving husband Jeremy Womack, married in 2003 , and mother to her three beautiful young daughters, Trinity, Jasmine and Willow Womack .


Destiny says that Art, Music & Poetry, have always been a deep passion in her life.  Often she has been quoted to say  "I have always felt like if I could not create, I just could not be There has never really been a time in my life when I wasn't creating something.  The ability for a human to create what we see in our world in our own way is truly a gift."

Womack  accredits her desire to pursue artistic directions to being surrounded by an entire  family of strong successful women filled with unique talents.  She says that being raised by an amazing single mother who did nothing but inspire and encourage her daily is one of the reasons behind her success.  "I was always taught to reach for my dreams & use the talents god gave me.  My mother encouraged me everyday, and she always taught me that "The only failure in life is failing to try". 

Destiny says "I cant exactly pinpoint what made me want to paint, I just woke up one day, turned to my husband and said "I want to Paint", he smiled and  encouraged me as he always does, & continues to do everyday.  She had never really painted before, except for when She was younger, and the occasional or in her case frequent doodle.  She says that somewhere in her heart she felt the need to express her self burning to come out. 

With the support of her husband, encouragement & supplies from her mother,  she tried it, and she says  "When my brush hit the canvas for the first time, I was born again, this time as an Artist, and I have been painting ever since".

When asked her artistic process She says "When I begin a painting it can sometimes take mere minutes to complete and sometimes several days it depends on what I feel.   When asked about her artistic vision she says " I believe that art in all its forms be it music, sculpting, painting etc , should not tell you what you see, rather it should tell you what you feel.   Art should be an experience, and should take you on your own journey.  When I am creating my pieces I draw on inspirations from my own life, dreams & the emotions that come with the ups & downs of everyday living. I think of each painting as a window to my own imagination. I feel a strong connection to colors, as they can evoke emotion & recall memories. I use color in my work to portray that to the viewer. My goal for every piece is to create a painting that allows the viewer to connect and become lost in their own imagination"

Destiny Womack has never been formerly trained, "I am the type of person that has to get my hands in it and figure it out myself", she says.  Although she was always fond of classes that taught her to express herself artistically, especially art classes.  When asked to classify her form of art, Destiny says "I have never really tried to classify myself as a style of art, for no other reason then I don't like limits! I  have said before I don't like to stay inside the box, I like to cut it up and shape it however I see fit.   I try to let my emotions, my colorful vivid dreams and anything that has inspired me take control of the painting, with me there just to guide it, never holding it back". 

Since Destiny began to offer her paintings publicly in late 2005, thousands of originals worldwide, and each day the demand grows for her original works.   Her works are currently collected and exhibited  worldwide.  Womack originals are being collected by Celebrities, Musicians, Senators, Professional Athletes, and Television Executives and are featured in many commercial interior designs, And  have been featured on HGTV Property Brothers, HGTV Magazine, aas well as Australlian publications..

When asked how she feels about her success, she says "I feel truly blessed to be able to do what I love, and cant imagine my life any other.   I thank God everyday for this gift he has given me, as well as those who choose to share it with"