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B.S. 1993, Nanchang University, Biology;
M.S. 1998, Xiamen University, Biology;
Ph.D. 2001, Xiamen University, Zoology;
Associate Professor/Professor, School of Life Sciences, Xiamen University, 2010 to present.


Tumor metastasis is a complex multi-step process, involving dissemination of cancer cells to distant organ sites and their subsequent adaptation to and remodeling of foreign tissue microenvironments. Our research group is mainly devoted to the study of tissue microenvironment and tumor metastasis, and have elucidated the function of periostin in inflammatory microenvironments and tumor microenvironments and its regulatory role in tumor metastasis. We will continue to investigate the mechanisms of periostin and other matricellular proteins in tissue microenvironment remodeling and tumor metastasis.

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