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B.S. 1990, Nanjing University, Zoology;
Ph.D. 1999, University of South Florida, Molecular Biology;
Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Pennsylvania, 1999-2001;
Postdoctoral Associate, Fox Chase Cancer Center, 2001-2003;
Research Scientist, Van Andel Research Institute, 2003-2007;
Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh, 2007-2010;
Professor, School of Life Sciences, Xiamen University, 2009 to Present.


致力于药物与靶点之间相互作用的构效关系及药物调控机制的研究,将药理学、生理学、生物化学与结构生物学等研究手段进行全新有机的结合,从药物与靶标的构效关系、药物作用的生理和病理效应以及药物调控的分子机理等方面开展全面的研究,为新药的研发提供科学依据和指导。我们在世界上率先解出了多个药物/核受体靶标的三维晶体结构,并系统阐明了这些药物调控核受体与辅调节因子特异性结合的分子机理。我们还对现有药物的新靶点、新用途和再定位 进行探索研究,已经取得了突破性成果,在药物的筛选及构效关系研究方面,发现了一系列潜在的可用于药物开发利用的新型核受体配体,并结合小鼠模型阐述了这些配体调节糖脂代谢的信号通路分子机理和药理机制,对以核受体为靶标的药理学研究与药物开发具有巨大的指导价值。
We are focusing on studying protein structure and function, as well as its implications in drug development. We intend to take advantage of the drug repositioning strategy, combined with our research experience and strength in the study of structure-activity relationship (SAR) of nuclear receptors, in developing new drugs targeting metabolic diseases with improved potency and efficacy but reduced side effects. Our investigations of structure-activity relationship with drugs and their targets, as well as with their respective signaling pathways, are revealing clinically-significant mechanisms of drug signaling in diverse disease processes and also novel strategies for therapeutic purpose.

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