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B.S. 2005, Xiamen University, Biology;
M.S. 2008, Xiamen University, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology;
Ph.D. 2014, University of Texas Medical Branch, Microbiology and Immunology;
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, 2015-2020;
Professor, School of Life Sciences, Xiamen University, 2020 to Present.


树突状细胞(Dendritic cell, DC)作为重要的抗原递呈细胞,是连接先天免疫和获得性免疫系统的关键枢纽。在肿瘤免疫中,DC将肿瘤抗原递呈给T细胞进而杀伤肿瘤细胞。反之,肿瘤细胞通过释放代谢产物、细胞因子等调节肿瘤微环境,进而抑制DC的功能。本课题组着力于探究树突状细胞在抗肿瘤免疫中的特征和功能,利用细胞、基因敲除小鼠等模型,结合免疫学、细胞生物学、生物化学等方法探索调控DC抗肿瘤免疫功能的新靶标。
As professional antigen-presenting cells, dendritic cells (DCs) play central roles in the regulation of innate and adaptive immune responses. There is growing interest in modulating DC function to improve antitumor immunity. In the tumor microenvironment, DCs process and present tumor-associated antigens to initiate antigen-specific T cell responses. On the contrary, tumor cells produce immuosuppressive factors that can inhibit DC infiltration and dampen their antitumor immunity. A better understanding of the diversity and functions of DC subsets in tumor microenvironment may lead to enhance cancer immunotherapy. In our lab, we will investigate the role of different DC subsets in modulating the antitumor immune response, and providing new insights of future directions for basic research and clinical trials.

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Center for Inflammation and Cancer Scholar Award, 2019
Univ. Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
The Jeffrey Lee Cousins Fellowship in Lung Cancer Research, 2017
Univ. Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
American Association of Immunologists Trainee Abstract Award, Pittsburg, PA, 2014
American Association of Immunologists Trainee Abstract Award, Honolulu, HI, 2013
The Robert E. Shope Ph.D. Endowed Scholarship, UTMB, 2013
The James W. McLaughlin Pre-doctoral Fellowship, UTMB, 2011