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B.S. 2003, Anhui Normal University, Biotechnology;
M.S. 2006, Xiamen University, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology;
Ph.D. 2010, Xiamen University, Zoology;
Joint training doctoral students, 2010, Oxford University;
Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor, School of Life Sciences, Xiamen University, 2010 to Present.


文昌鱼是现存生物中与脊椎动物最相似的无脊椎动物,因此是研究脊椎动物起源及其胚胎发育机制的理想模型。我们课题组主要运用基因敲除、转基因、显微注射、原位杂交、扫描电镜等试验手段,研究文昌鱼早期胚胎发育机制,特别是体轴建立机制,以期对脊椎动物器官起源与发育机制有更深入的理解。Among the living invertebrates, amphioxus shows most similarities with vertebrates in respect to either body structure, developmental process, or genome content, which makes amphioxus an ideal model organism for studying developmental and evolutionary mechanisms of vertebrate embryogenesis. We are using methods including gene knockout, transgene, microinjection, whole-mount in situ hybridization and scanning electron microscope to dissect the molecular mechanisms of amphioxus embryogenesis, aiming to illustrate how the morphological and developmental complexity of vertebrates has evolved.

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